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This policy document is intended to set out the Fraser Group of Companies (“Fraser Motorcycles”) policies on its management of personal information as required by the National Privacy Principles (NPP) and in particular NPP


The objective of this policy document is to set out a statement of the way in which Fraser Motorcycles handles personal information relating to its customers. This objective is to be achieved by ensuring that Fraser Motorcycles:

1. Only collects necessary information. 2. Informs the customer of the purposes for which the information is collected. 3. Informs the customer as to whom the information is likely to be disclosed. 4. Takes all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information collected, used or disclosed by it is accurate, complete and up to date. 5. Ensures that personal information collected will be protected from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. 6. That where personal information is no longer needed for any authorised purpose, it will be destroyed or permanently de-identified.

Fraser Motorcycles are committed to the National Privacy Principles in the following ways:

NPP 1 – Collection

So that Fraser Motorcycles can provide products & services to customers, we may ask for personal details such as name, address, telephone number or email address. Some examples of where Fraser Motorcycles may need these details are for motorcycle sales receipts, service information & for making insurance disclosures on behalf of customers as well as in-store competitions. Privacy law requires us to collect personal information about individual & only individuals if it is reasonable & practical to do so. In all such instances, Fraser will identify themselves s the organisation collecting this information.

NPP 2 – Use & Disclosure

The personal information that we ask for is generally used to provide goods & services to customers – for example, we need customer’s names & addresses & telephone numbers for the recognition & facilitation of a sales contract with them. We also use this information to relate warranty & recall information to the sale. We may also use personal information to provide customers with superior service in advising them of new products & services. Advising customers of product availability & conducting qualitative marketing surveys to improve products & service quality, may also necessitate the use of personal information. Customers have the right to instruct us not to send information to them other than of the main purpose for which we have collected the information. Customers also have ht right to tell us not to disclose personal information to other organisations other than for the main purpose for which we have collected the information. Where possible, we try to ensure the disclosure of information to other organisations (for example market researcher & those we have commercial arrangements with) is in a format, which does not personally identify individuals.

NPP 3 & 4 – Data Quality & Security

Fraser Motorcycles is committed to the privacy principle that requires organisations to take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information records (paper & electronic formats) is accurate, complete & up to date at the time of collection, use & disclosure. Such measures include: Protecting customer information it holds from misuse & loss & from unauthorised access or disclosure. Storing the information securely through physical constraints such as keeping the information in a restricted access facility, or technological constraints such as encryption & passwords. Destroy &/or de-identify personal information that is no longer needed.

NPP 5 & 6 – Openness, Access & Correction

This document acts as the official policy relating to the National Privacy Principles & represents Fraser Motorcycles commitment to the reasonable use & disclosure of personal information. This policy document is available for inspection at all of Fraser Motorcycles places of business. Further, on request by an individual, Fraser Motorcycles will take reasonable steps to let the individual know what information is holds about that person, for what purpose & how it collects, holds, uses & discloses the personal information. The point of contact for accessing this policy document & an individual’s personal information is the policy officer.

NPP 7 – Identifiers

Generally speaking, Fraser Motorcycles will not adopt, use or disclose an identifier that has been assigned by a Commonwealth government agency. A tax file number as assigned to an individual by the Australian Taxation Office is an example of such an identifier.

NPP 8 – Anonymity

Fraser Motorcycles will give individuals the option to interact anonymously whenever it is lawful & practicable to do. As an example, Fraser Motorcycles will ask individuals for their consent to the use of their personal information for the purpose of qualitative marketing surveys in every circumstance where this may be the possible use & disclosure.

NPP9 – Transborder Data Flows

Fraser Motorcycles is committed to ensuring that personal information that is transferred to a recipient in a foreign country is done so with the appropriate protection. The electronic transfer of personal information for the purposes of product warranty & recall delivery is securely transmitted.

NPP 10 – Sensitive Information

Fraser Motorcycles is committed to not collecting sensitive information unless individuals have consented, or it is required by law or in other special circumstances. As an example Fraser Motorcycles may disclose personal information relating to health service provision or for an individuals or the public’s heath & safety. Fraser Motorcycles have appointed a Privacy Officer who will be responsible for the monitoring & reporting on compliance together with being the main contact point for any concerns or complaints regarding the reasonable use & disclosure of personal information in relation to the Act.

Fraser Motorcycles Privacy Officer contact details are as follows:

Mr Warren Lee
Fraser Group of Companies
PO Box 6446
Silverwater DC NSW 1811
Phone: (02) 8381 1867 Fax: (02) 8741 3099

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